Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Happening!

If you haven't heard of the British show that is Skins, you better start paying attention. Set in Bristol, the teen-drama follows the lives of 9 individuals going through the hardships that are, our teen years. Some of the controversial subjects include homosexuality, under-age sex, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, autism, and death to name a few. I was introduced to the show last year, and quite literally watched the first 3 seasons from to start to finish. I couldn't get enough, it was addicting.

The show was created by father-son duo, Bryan Elsley and Jaime Brittain. They are known for having a young writing team with the average age of 21. The team's writing is unprecedented, and instantly draws you in. You start to develop a connection with each of the characters. You find yourself sympathizing with them, when they've done something wrong. You find yourself crying when they've experienced similar hardships to what you have. You experience all sorts of emotions with Skins, something that I haven't experienced with a show, ever.

The interesting thing about this show is that they completely changed the cast after the first two seasons. This can be completely suicidal when you have such success with the initial cast, but they did it right, and came up on top. In my opinion, I think that the third season is the best to date, and I find myself falling in love with all the new characters, especially my Cookie monster.

This January the show will start it's fourth season, and I can't wait! I've been talking about it non-stop with co-workers and am pleasantly surprised that I have forgotten a lot of the scenes. I just might have a weekend dedicated to all that is, Skins.

Oh, by the way. If your looking for a show that provides a passionate storyline and outstanding soundtrack, this is your show. I was trying to convince my boyfriend to download the entire soundtrack of all 3 seasons, but it's proving to be quite difficult as the show has such a variety of music, that you can hardly keep up with it all. Kudos to music advisor Alex Hancock.

This message has been brought to you by the Cookie Monster

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