Sunday, May 22, 2011

Written in the Stars

I've been really slacking with this blog, and by slacking I mean not even remembering that I have it to begin with. Maybe it's because I haven't been really excited about anything in particular in the last few months. But I'm turning over a new leaf! The weather is starting to feel more and more like summer and I'm starting to feel my spirit come back.

Over the long weekend I went to visit some old roommates that just got back from being in Scotland for 5 months, amazing! In order to have a proper welcome home a bonfire was necessary. I threw on Tinie Tempah to get the mood going. If you haven't heard of Tinie Tempah give him a listen, he's been winning awards left, right, and center in the UK and is bursting on the scene here in North America. Tempah is smart, witty, and charming in his rhymes ( as are many English rappers ). He's getting me more and more excited about hip hop every day. Which is more then what I can say about other rappers on the scene. But hey, lets leave that for another post. take it easy