Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fountain of Youth

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Part of being a makeup artist is knowing a little bit about skin. Good makeup looks best on good skin. Good skin, what does that mean? I'll let you in on one of my little secrets that has big effects.

I have clients that say, "Karen I want skin like you, how can I get that?" Now most of the time I'm wearing a full face of makeup, and of course my skin doesn't look naturally perfect when I don't wear makeup. I do have a mild case of rosacea, broken capillaries, and some mild pigmentation from those stubborn pimples. I'm not going to say I have bad skin, because I don't. From a very young age, my mother has instilled good skincare etiquette in me. I never leave my house without sunscreen, I cleanse my face twice a day, and I use nothing but the best products on my skin. 

Over time I've realized what products work for me and what products don't. This is important, if you find a holy grail skincare product DO NOT switch out this product for another that MIGHT be better for your skin. Chances are that it won't, and then you're left with a mess.

My skin is a normal-dry combination with some dehydration in the drier seasons. 80% of the clients I deal with, have dehydrated skin. You can be extremely oily and still have dehydrated skin. One product I can not live with out is my face oil. Oil? For your face? I can already imagine a few of you pulling a face, possibly in disgust. But let me tell you non-believers, face oils are becoming one of the most popular products in the skincare industry. Unlike moisturizers, oils penetrate deeper with in the skin, which means you can achieve instant hydration. 

A lot of the oils that they use in oil cleansers and treatments are natural. A few listed are argan oil, sunflower oil, almond oil. You can even find these oils safe to use on your hair. They have amazing anti-aging properties and give your skin that dewy radiance that we've all been going crazy for. 

I've been using the NUDE Skincare line for about 3 months now, and I can safely say this line saved my skin. I don't have the tightness that I usually have around this time when the weather transitions into a drier climate. My skin looks a 100 times smoother and more radiant. I find myself using less makeup because I feel more comfortable with how it's been looking. 

The three products I use are the Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes, ProGenius treatment oil, and the Radiant Day Moisturizer. The cleansing oil is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It removes all makeup, even waterproof, and cleans up all dirt and oil left behind. The moisturizer gives me the right amount of hydration without leaving me feeling greasy, which is ideal for you oily-combination readers. And last but certainly not least is the ProGenius oil, which contains some of their most concentrated ingredients. All products are infused with their n-probiotic patent, which helps you create your own anti-aging ingredients within your skin. Also, their products are infused with omega oils that your skin naturally needs, and these omegas give you different skincare benefits. The line is natural, gluten free, vegan friendly(all but one product, which contains bees wax), and free of GMO's and parabens. Check out their website if you are curious and are interested in becoming a oil crazed fan, much like myself.
take care.