Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'mma dig that grave and fall in line for the drop

Australia, the country that gave us Nicole Kidman (and her collagen lips), Steve Irwin - the adventurous wildlife expert (may he rest in peace), and of course the biggest mistake in all of fashion history that is the Ugg boot. One thing is for sure, the band that I'm about to rave about, is definitely not going to be another fad that is going to be on the outs within a month.

The band I've been listening to religiously since I was given their first full-length album are The Temper Trap. This talented foursome reign from Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia. Dougy Mandagi, the lead vocalist and creator of The Temper Trap was born in Indonesia, where he was brought up in a family who supported musical growth. An all around passionate artist, he traveled from country to country, and ended up settling in Melbourne, where he would wander the streets and sing a tune or two for any audience that was willing to listen. While working retail in Melbourne, he befriended Toby Dundas their drummer. And, soon after met up with an old friend that was Jonathon Adherne, who later became their bassist. After many failed attempts at trying to find a guitarist that met their spiritual bond to music, they found Lorenzo Sillitto. Thus, The Temper Trap was created.

While touring Australia and making a name for themselves, they caught the ear of famed and renowned music producer Jim Abiss. Abiss, a British music producer, is best known for producing Mercury award winning albums such as the Arctic Monkeys What Ever People Say I am, That's what I'm Not. And of course a favorite of mine Mercury nominated, Adele's 19. They recorded Conditions in 4 weeks in March 2009, and have since been getting tremendous attention since releasing the album in the summer of 2009.

Their first single off of Conditions, Sweet Disposition, was featured on the 500 days of Summer soundtrack. That's when I fell in love. I couldn't get the symphony of Dougy's voice out of my head. It was serene. It was instantly captivating, and I decided right there and then that I needed more! Luckily for me, my boyfriend knew of the band already and set me up with the album. Mandagi has said that some of his influences include Radiohead, Prince, U2 and many many more. I can definitely hear the Prince influence, because his vocal range is absolutely flawless. Whether it's his angelic hymning or his powerful wails, you feel every lyric as if it were being sung for you. The balance is phenomenal.

Some of my favorites include, Love Lost, Science of Fear, and Soldier On. But the one song I have had on repeat for the past 7 days, and subject my co-workers too, is Resurrection. The build of this song makes me want to dance every time I listen to it.

All in all, I would have to say that this is my choice for album of the year. I just can not get enough! So much so, that I've convinced my boyfriend to go see them in Liverpool when we go visit his family in May 2010. I've been pumping myself up by watching footage of them playing live, and even then I know this will be a band that is going to change how I listen to music.

So, with that, I leave you with my favorite song - Resurrection. This is footage from their "Live in Session" for the BBC that was recorded in December 2008. Enjoy, I know I will.

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