Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It was just like Christmas

After returning home from work last night, I realized how unprepared I am for winter. I have no winter boots, and Toronto got hit by a bit of a snow storm last night. So, I have the great fortune of going boot shopping this weekend. In all honesty I hate winter shopping. I can never seem to find the boots I like, and usually the one's that I do like are never suitable for enduring Canadian winters.

So, I have to step up my game this year and actually invest in a good solid pair of Sorel Boots. Not just any ordinary Sorel boots, because quite frankly I'm 5'4 and wear a size 9.5. How? you ask me, I haven't a clue, it's just one of those strange things. Anyways if I were to purchase the original Sorel caribou boots surely I would look like a hobbit with such huge boots on. Honestly, they only look flattering on small feet, or tall girls that have average feet.

While browsing their site I came across the Hoonah boots and instantly fell in love. Not only were they stylish but they came in black! They offer style and comfort, and even better yet, waterproof leather. Oh the euphoria!

Also, because Sears doesn't want anyone to forget, it's 16 more days until Christmas. So I'm starting to put up some Christmas songs to get people excited about Christmas itself and not the shopping.

Everyday when I walk through Sears to get to work, there is a giant sign that says "x amount of days until Christmas". Thanks for reminding me to spend money Sears, I really appreciate it!

On to the Christmas music!

Youtube won't let me embed this, so go on and have a listen.

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