Friday, March 12, 2010

February Song of the Month

I know, I know this is a week late. And to be completely honest it's not that I didn't know what album it was coming from, it was because I was totally stumped on picking between two songs. Actually I had been ready to write this post last week and was looking for some footage to go a long with it. Anyways, let's hop to it.

Sade... Sade, Sade, Sade. What can I say, I've been listening to the Solider of Love album everyday before I go to work. It's my "getting ready" album. Rightly so, because this album is just so relaxing that it makes me forget about where I'm going, and that's what an albums suppose to do, right?

Like I said I was stuck between two songs, well three by the end of last week, but then I grew some and had narrowed it down to two, and essentially down to one. That one being track title, The Moon and the Sky. It's a great opening track to the album, and pretty much draws you in pretty deep. Generally when I listen to an album the first track is pivotal and letting me know whether I will enjoy the album. This track did that. Enjoy!

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