Thursday, March 15, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Just in time for the weekend! I am SO excited for Saint Patty's Day this year, partly because I have the entire weekend off, and it's gorgeous outside! That's right we are sitting in 18 degree weather here in Toronto, so it's going to be a sunny one. This year I'm heading out with a few friends making it an all day event. Starting with Baileys in the morning and doing some fun makeup looks before heading out for the real party. We'll be going to the Roundhouse otherwise known as Steam Whistle Brewery. My boyfriend's twin brother and my roommate is an employee. He'll be working the event, which is pretty cool. I might be doing a slightly different look than my Acid Green tutorial but if you wanted any ideas try taking small parts from the tutorial, or if you're feeling bold do the complete look.

As always please be safe while drinking under the influence. Hope you enjoy.

take care.

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