Monday, January 24, 2011

We were born and raised in a summer haze

It's been two long years since I've had to wait for Adele's sophomore album 21, and it was worth it! I can say with the most sincerity that she made the best attempt at making a genuine album. She's effervescent. The vocals, lyrics, and music are all beautifully put together. They melt into me.

I had heard that she was heavily influenced by the blues for this album. I for one am not protesting this. It seemed almost natural to go from Pop/Soul to the Blues. Now, I'm no Blues buff, but what I do get from the genre is that it's passionate and vulnerable. You let yourself be taken by the music, and I felt this in her vocals. 19 was a gorgeous album vocally, but it was a little constraint. I like that she goes out of tune in some of 21's songs. It's more raw, and I feel it more in my bones. I think we got a little taste of that rawness in Hometown Glory from 19. But I wanted more, and I got it in 21.

There's a little of everything in 21. If you're looking for powerful Pop/Soul/Blues listen to her first single Rolling in the Deep, and Rumor has it. If you want more of that southern sound definitely listen to If it hadn't been for love. One of my favorites is Someone like you, it's one of the most honest songs I've heard about a break up. She lays it on thick and heavy, and I love it!

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